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Posted by admin on June 30, 2015
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UAC Access Control gives a wide variety of services, but our main overview is offering the consumer a full range to access control products. We can offer single components to all encompassing systems. Our crew has the knowledge to design and plan a system to not only keep your premises safe but also your staff.

The main features of access control methods are usually employed to control locations of where employees members can enter. It is also used to see who is getting into and departing the building and to keep doors locked at all times to non card or fob holders. You will also be equipped to set times for individuals to access regions you want them to entry at the times that you permit. This is excellent for shift staff and to maintain people out on weekends unless they have permission.

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Standalone Access Control System, tend to be composed of a few proximity readers handled by a nearby doorway control unit. Typically these types of access control networks are employed in 1 to 3 doorway setups within a small business unit or even a residence.

Network Controllers are perfect for large business premises such as hospitals, colleges, warehouses, hotels and businesses with a very big workforce. All the card readers on the doors are networked back to primary Computer where cards can be developed to access selected zones.

Simple access control systems usually are used to guard one entry way. These array from an electronic lock and magnetic lock, keypad with pin devices, CCTV entry systems and single proximity card entry. These programs are ideal for access to apartment blocks, parking garages as well as building foyer areas.

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