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Posted by admin on August 31, 2014
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Relocating is not an everyday thing for most people, the average person can move no more than around seven times in their lifetime so with that in mind if you are moving you want a mover you can trust. You have amassed some nice possessions over the years I bet, nice Tv, furniture, electronics and clothes. So would you let just anyone manage and be dependable with that stuff? I am going to bet the solution is no for most of you. That is why with our relocation services here at Great Movers US you have no worries about any of that, all our relocating companies and guys are certified with full background checks so you know you are in safe hands.

We have all the correct gear to make certain the move goes smooth and this will range from trolleys and special lifting tools. We want to be sure we can move heavy items without scuffing up walls are scratching those flooring. We also have blankets and padding material to make sure everything is cushioned and wrapped up safe so it also will not get scratched up.

Our Services:
Should you need a packaging service then we can give that for you at an added price. We have the boxes and all the material ready. Once you decided on this service we will come to the place you want packed up and go room by room boxing and labeling products so you know where everything is. Our relocating teams have done this hundreds if not thousands of times so they really have it down to an art form.

Moving advice is always on offer from us, we have some very knowledgeable employees members so no matter what problem you may have please feel free to provide us a phone and speak with one of our associates and they’ll go over everything with you.

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