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Posted by admin on October 31, 2016
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Emergency Moving and Storage

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Were not just just about any old moving companies; we are established and thought of as one of the nearly all honest and hard working moving companies in America. Our team likes to think about every little detail when moving; it’s the little particulars that really make the variation between an average move and a great move. We like to try for the latter and we proceed to do this on a daily basis.

VMoving was started as a nationwide moving companies with a network of dispatchers across the US making certain peoples belongings are secure and transferred safely. If there are any problems there is always a dispatcher ready to handle it straight away. All of our moving workers are educated on the proper lifting methods and furniture handling types to make sure nothing gets broken and every thing is dealt with in the proper manor it should be. We also have packing methods if you need packing services that maximize the box space while making the things free from moving around through transit.

Our Services:
When you plan a local move you have a handful of alternatives to go about it. You either try and get your friends together and rent your own truck or you hire a qualified moving company like us. There are advantages to both, one if you hire friends you can save some funds on labor. And if you hire us we bring our skilled solutions to the table and give the truck and qualified labor and you don’t have to lift a finger. But if you do hire friends there are more draw backs than you think. Sometimes around friends can be great on the day of the move some can flake on you leaving you with a truck and just yourself to move the goods. Retuning the truck can be much more costly than you think, plus you have to worry about if it has insurance and if all the goods will fit in the vehicle. And if it doesn’t you might have to do 2 or three trips across town or even take the truck back to try and secure a bigger pickup. So the hourly expense of the vehicle rental is going up and up as is the fuel prices. Friends can harm themselves and you may be held accountable. Should one of your friends fall or injure themselves then you may be regarded liable. With lifting heavy stuff and going up and down stairs if you have not got the right tools or experience you are asking for hassle. You will be expected to support them when they move and you might not have the time. Friends will call in that moving favor when they need to move and you will be required to aid them as they assisted you. But if you hire movers it’s your get out jail free card and you will not be required if requested to help.

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